Dirty Floor or Toilet? A decision I never thought I’d have to make. 

Today is changing places awareness day. 

Tilly is almost five now and doubly incontinent so is still in nappies. She is getting bigger and bigger and there is one thing that is really starting to become difficult out and about… nappy changes. 
When it’s time for a nappy change, I have two choices for my daughter, I either lie her on a dirty disabled toilet floor or I balance her across my lap whilst I’m sat on the toilet. Both options are disgusting and very undignified. I have been known to lie her down in the back of the car. She’s still small, this won’t be an option forever. 

“But there’s disabled toilets evvvverywhere!”

I hear you. But really disabled toilets only cater for those who are able to use a toilet or can empty a catheter. Without adjustable height full sized changing tables and hoists, the basic need to be clean cannot be unfulfilled. 
This is where changing place toilets come in. Changing places toilets cater for all/most disabilities and are essential for more than 250,000 people in this country. That’s more than a quarter of a million people who don’t have the option of using a bathroom outside of their home. 
How many changing places toilets are there in the U.K.? Less than 1000. Sounds like a lot? It’s not, there’s more toilets in Wembley Stadium (they have a changing place too) 
Changing places toilets don’t take up much room,  roughly the same size as a parking space. 
People with disabilities deserve equality in every area of their lives, let alone in the very basic need of somewhere to use the facilities.
You can learn more about changing places here: Little mama Murphy and here: Mum on a Mission

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